Blog Entry #1

Episode 1:

Wow what a great start to this awesome adventure. I just wanted to start out by saying going into this experience i thought i was going to do awful and well i kinda did in some ways but hey this is just practice. I think the obstacle course was the most physically demanding part of the experience and i was so proud of myself for getting fourth cause i thought I was going to get like thirteenth.

At the end of the obstacle course i appeared to trip on nothing and guess what... i did! LOL FAIL!!! I don’t know why but i just fell over. Another thing i want to mention was the fact that i drank chicken. No it did not taste good. That’s to all of you who are thinking of trying it ;)

Anyway i didn’t understand how to cook it and the first thing that came to mind was stuff it in a water bottle. Don’t ask what i was thinking. I have only done paintball once in my life so that must have been the adrenaline pulling the trigger with such precision. hahaha! Anyway after that job i felt confident going into the race to the finish. I shouldn’t have. I want to ask all of you out there if you know what a mess tent is? That still bothers me like COME ON WHAT THE HECK IS A MESS TENT??? Sorry.

Anyway it turned out to be a rollercoaster for the greeen team in the first episode but hopefully we will pull it out of the drink in th next one. Thats all for now.

Sam :D

Blog Entry #2

Episode 2:

I just wanted to say I hate bees so going into this experience I wasn't too excited. In the first job it all came down to luck. I mean orange found their queen bee in like 4.2 seconds! Not fair. Anyway Anna and I tried our best in that job and I am happy with that. In the second job it was so funny watching me bounce all over the place on that honey extractor. Man it was tough and the green team didn't do great. The real win for the green team was in the third job because we went from seventh to fifth without even using the pantyhose to filter the honey!

Blue's elimination was so sad because I know Eman from school and tanner was so funny. Anyway at least I got through the experience without a single bee sting and I am looking forward to construction workers!

Bye bye,

Blog Entry #3

Episode 3:

OMG we owned the experience! We won, got the wrench and found the shield all in one day. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Sitting there watching us win was just as amazing as being there because my family didn't know it was coming. This one has been the most fun experience so far and hopefully there are a lot of others too! Oh by the way I just wanted to thank my partner Anna for her amazing shield spotting eyes, beast sawing skills and support through all of this. Go green! See you next time for stadium crew members! (Interesting Experience) so long!


Blog Entry #4

Episode 4:

Wow that was a very interesting episode! I thought Anna and i did ok in this experience because we were in the middle but better than going home. I really loved the baseball mudding job because it took time and patience. I thought it was kinda unfair that Talston and Msgana got all of the customers in the hawking job but i guess it is just luck. I was really sad to see orange go because i was really close to both of them. In the end i was glad i stuck with Anna because she is strong, fun and an overall awesome partner. I can’t wait for the next episode!


Blog Entry #5

Episode 5:

I am so sad right now. Kelly and Andreas were the nicest and coolest people i have ever met and i thought it was rude that they got double wrenched. Kelly always cheered me up when i was down and Andreas is... well Andreas enough said. I love Andreas because he is so funny and mellow. It is tough to see them go. Anyway i just wanted to say that the boom boat job was really fun. I ended up driving! That was a fun job but Anna came back when she climbed that tree like a monkey in the third job. I tried climbing it off camera and i couldn’t! Anyways it was a good episode and i will miss Squamish and purple team!


Blog Entry #6

Episode 6:

OMG that was the scariest thing i have ever done! As you all know i hate water so this experience was a nightmare. I actually finished the first job and i was so proud of myself. Sadly Anna didn’t but i don’t blame her cause she had to hold the raft a lot longer. I also did the best out of everyone in the heli ditch job. I was the scared-est out of everyone and i had to do it twice, yet i came out on top i was so proud of myself! In the end i was so happy to get my first big reward and finish 2nd. Sadly pink went home and i was so sad cause they were both awesome! it was a scary yet rewarding experience and now i can say i have escaped a helicopter underwater, jumped off a ice breaker, and went in a legit life boat! I am never doing any of that again! see you next week in New York!

Blog Entry #7

Episode 7:

Wow that was tough to watch. I think that i tried my best in this experience and even though me and Anna had some ups and downs i think we worked well as a team. I guess we just didn’t do the jobs fast enough.

Just to clarify the reason our solo in our dance sucked was because we screwed up the timing. We had a whole other part but we didn’t get to do it.

The dual was really frustrating because those pipes all looked and sounded similar and we didn’t have much time to listen to them.

I am proud of Anna for finishing but i am sad i got eliminated. I wish all the remaining challengers luck and i guess i will see you later. Peace out everyone and thanks for all your support!